Wedding Planning Woes

Christopher and I are getting married.

And, as it turns out, planning for a wedding is complicated.  There are a lot of moving pieces and you've gotta make sure you have things settled pretty well in advanced.

And I think we have, for the most part, been on top of our game.  We're six months away now and for MONTHS we've already had most things settled...

We have the venue.
We have the photographer (swoon!).
We (I) have the dress.
We have the caterer.
We have the videographer.
We have the DJ.
We have the bridal party.
We have paper straws with pink hearts on them.

Pretty much, if we had to (and could magically reserve all of those for a new date), we could get married tomorrow and be good to go.

The only thing we'd be missing?...


Literally ya'll, I never knew how stressful putting together a guest list would be. LEGIT THE WORST THING ON EARTH!

I want everyone to come!  I want everyone who loves us and supports us to be there!  Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately in the grand scheme of things...for our budget, anyway) our venue has a strict limit on people. No wiggle room.  And you guys, my family is huge. I'm talking more than half the guest list huge. And that's just MY family - not Christopher's family, not any of our friends... It's insane.

And we are. With a pile of ready-to-address Save-the-Dates and no guest list in sight.

We even have these coozies because...why not?

We've already decided on the no kids rule (besides Christopher's daughter, J, of course, and her cousins so she won't be there with no peers!), and we've already knocked out most of the unnecessary "plus ones" (our friends will understand...right?!) but every time I think about the list, I still turn into a mess.

I know we've gotta bite the bullet and do it, but honestly I want everyone to come!  And I really don't want anyone to be disappointed or hurt if they're not invited - even though "the venue has a limit!" is the real, true, genuine reason!  I'm just feeling bummed because I want to magically fit tons more people into a space where it just really isn't possible.

I suppose it's a good problem to have, right?

Any suggestions or words of wisdom for me?  Anyone done this before and got through it unscathed?  I'm dying for advice!

Loving into Uselessness

Alright, ya'll, I'm a saver.  Like, an extreme saver.

There's that classic story of the kid who saved up for months to buy a brand new bicycle, and when he was finally able to get it, was so nervous about damaging the bike by taking it outside that he never rode it and he eventually grew out of the thing without ever actually taking it for a spin.  He literally purchased the bike and loved it into uselessness.

It's such a bummer of a story.

And I'm here to admit that I do stuff like this all the time.

Not with bicycles, thank goodness, but with a variety of other things: makeup products (How could I ruin the perfection of the Lorac Pro-to-Go Palette by actually USING the thing?), gift cards (If I use them, then I won't have them anymore!  And what if someday I'm out of money and I need them?), and a variety of other things that I purchase to enjoy and then refuse to use.

It's ridiculous, honestly, but I know I can't possibly be the only one who does this!

Here's the thing, though, I am trying (true, it is ever-so-slowly, but I'm still trying!) to change this habit in myself.  I recent bought a stupidly expensive lipstick (WITH A GIFT CARD!) and have been forcing myself to actually use the thing!  It's gorgeous and I love it so much, but that's precisely the reason why my initial reaction is to save it --- once it's gone, I won't have it anymore!

As far as hoarding tendencies go, I suppose it's good that this is happening with gift cards and lipstick instead of cats and trash piles or something, but it's still no good.  And I have been taking little tiny steps to remind myself that part of life is enjoying it, not always preparing from some unknown time in the future when I may want to use something or I may need something.

Of course, planning ahead is a good idea in life, but not completely at the expense of a little fun and happiness today!  I'd like to start loving things into uselessness because I really enjoyed them to their limit, and not because I was too scared to even try!


A Letter to my 16-year-old Self on New Year's Day

Dear 16-year-old Grady,

First of all, hey!  You are cute-as-a-button and you don't even know it. Which is your first problem. You are NOT "the fat friend," that's just ludicrous, so get over it and start cultivating your awesomeness. I promise you, once you realize your potential - and start trying to figure out how to live in that potential with humility - you'll be unstoppable.

But you know what?  Despite all that, you're still going to fail.  You're literally going to make at least one mistake every single day of your life.  Sometimes the mistakes are as tiny as forgetting to bring that book you wanted to read and sometimes they are as massive as saying something seriously hurtful to someone.  Always strive to improve, of course, but also remember that there's no shame in making mistakes. And being so afraid of messing up that the only action you ever take is inaction?  THAT is a mistake you will remember for a long, long time.

Just so you know, you don't talk to most of your old friends from high school anymore, and that's really okay.  You don't need to feel like your life is over every time you get into a fight.  The people who you belong with, your people, they are still around.  And that group has grown exponentially, so don't worry about trying to be best friends with everyone from school.  Proximity does not always equal friendship.

Grady Katherine, you are a force.  I think you know it a tiny bit now, but trust me you will know it all the more as you allow yourself to care less and less about what others want for you and more and more about what you and God want for you.

There is so much more that I could say, but I wanna leave a mystery or two for you to figure out on your own.

Oh, wait!  Two more things: Pajamas are not real clothes and your mother is almost always right.  Even on your worst days, try to remember both.

Love you always,
Future You

Ten Word Wednesday

Productive work day.
First snow!
Accidental twins <3 

Long Time No See!

Hey ya'll!

It has been a LONGGG time since I posted on here, goodness gracious!  And it's kinda crazy how much has changed, so I figured I'd do a quick update to catch you up on my life before I get back into posting about whatever the heck I feel like posting that day :-P...

I shall do this update in bullet form because lists are the greatest:

  • March: Christopher proposed!!!  ---YUP!!!  And, of course, I said "Yes!" :D
The ring Chris got me looks just like my mom's! <3  Too perfect!
  • April/May: Europe Trip!  For 3 1/2 weeks this spring, I went on the most incredible trip of my life with three of my favorite people on the earth.  We went to England, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Scotland, and Ireland.  I spent almost a month carrying everything I owned in a backpack, walking miles and miles a day, and pretty much never being without my foldable travel poncho.  And I was the happiest.
Me with some of the greatest women I know.
  • June: My Birthday!  Pirates of Penzance!  And J to California :(   I turned 26.  I played Isobel in the show "Pirates of Penzance" (which was a blast and a half!).  J took her yearly 6-week trip to visit her mom in California, which is just the most bittersweet thing, let me tell you!
My Brave Show Sisters!
  • July: Rehearsals!  My July was pretty standard - I pretty much lived in my Toms, ate as much ice cream as humanly possible, and had a ton of rehearsal for my sketch comedy Darwin's Waiting Room show that was opening in August.
My Darwin's Cast/Family!
  • August: First Day of School!  J, now a big, bad, 10-year-old Fifth Grader (!) had her last first day of elementary school!  I was so proud :)
The 5th Grader Herself!
  • September: Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes!   This month was full of new things for me - I left my job at the preschool (great coworkers, awesome kids, but my boss started to treat me unfairly and I'm just not the type to stand for that, so...bye!) and got a new job doing Admin and Marketing for a local moving company.  And you guys... it's the best! 
"Grady, what is that?!" "Oh, just me with the Sasquatch Mascot for the company I now work at!"
  • October: Trick or Treat!  Christopher and I dressed in 80's garb and tried to keep up with our quickly growing fox companion for Halloween this year!  We ended up hanging out with one of J's friends and his parents and had an absolute blast.  J kept saying that it was her "Best Halloween Ever!" so really, I couldn't be happier.  (I also stage managed a phenomenal show called Gruesome Playground Injuries, in which I had to run four boards simultaneously.  It's one of my proudest technical achievements, quite honestly, but I don't have a photo from it! Bummer!)
Family Portrait

So there you have it, folks!  A very brief update of my life for the past few months!  As you can see, there has been no shortage of fun or adventure, but I'm excited to get back into writing again now that things have calmed down a bit and I'm more into a routine.

I have a feeling I'll end up writing mostly about (almost) stepfamily life and product reviews, because I love both of those things, but please let me know if there are other things you'd be interested in seeing!  I used to love doing Ten Word Wednesday posts, so maybe I'll bring those back!

Anyway, if you have any suggestions or ideas, let me know!  Thanks ya'll!